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    Basic Immigration Training Course. Well done for having gotten this far. With some practice you should be able to quickly settle into your role as an Intake Administrative Assistant.  To round out your training please go through the following videos, these videos will give you a basic understanding as to the type of work we do here and should only boost your confidence as you begin to work with our clients.


    (1) Immigration Maze Video Series

    The Immigration Maze provides visitors with a ‘whistle stop’ overview of the main visa options. The short series covers Family Immigration options, Education based options, Self-Sponsorship Immigration options and a call to action video. Once visitors benefit from this overview they should feel more confident in checking out other videos we have created for them.

    Immigration Maze Part 1 – Family Immigration
    Immigration Maze Part 2 – Family Immigration
    Immigration Maze Part 3 – Education Immigration
    – Immigration Maze Part 4 – Self Sponsorship Base Immigration
    Immigration Maze Part 5 – Taking the Plunge

    (2) E2 Treaty Investment Visa

    In essence, the E2 investment visa allows aliens to invest in the American Dream by starting a business that will create new American jobs or they can buy an existing business that will sustain and hopefully create even more American jobs.  Having aliens bring their investment dollars to America in order to create jobs is great for the American economy. As you can imagine, the need for energetic job creators has never been greater.

    E2 Visa: Basic Concept
    E2 Visa: Investor Eligibility
    – E2 Visa: Family Employment Issues
    E2 Visa: Making a “Substantial” Investment
    E2 Visa: Finding the Right Business
    E2 Visa: Retirement Options
    E2 Visa – Visa Renewal
    E2 Visa – Summary

    (3) Fiancee and Marriage

    These videos cover the basic ways US Citizens can bring in their spouse or fiancee into the US to live through the Green Card by Marriage programs.

    Fiancee Visa and Green Card by Marriage
    K1 Fiancee Visa
    K3 Visa – Married US Citizen Living Abroad with Alien Spouse
    AOS – Green Card After Arriving as a Tourist


    (4) EB1 Green Card – Alien of Extraordinary Ability – Arts / Business

    For aliens who have reached the very top of their profession US Immigration considers them such a benefit to the success of the US economy that upon being confirmed by USCIS as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability they are eligible for a green card, without any employer sponsorship requirements. In other words, most* Aliens of Extraordinary Ability can sponsor themselves into a green card.

    *Exceptions being researchers and professors who will need the institution to sponsor them.

    The video series below covers those aliens of extraordinary ability in the Arts and Business.

    EB1 Home Page – Find Out if You Qualify Today
    EB1 Green Card  – Checklist Summary
    EB1 Green Card – Major Internationally Recognized Awards
    EB1 Green Card – National Award
    EB1 Green Card – Invited Membership
    EB1 Green Card – Published Material About You
    EB1 Green Card – Judging
    EB1 Green Card – Innovation
    EB1 Green Card – Published Scholarly Articles
    EB1 Green Card – Exhibitions and Showcases
    EB1 Green Card – Leading Critical Role
    EB1 Green Card – High Pay
    EB1 Green Card – Commercial Success


    (5) O-1A Aliens of Extraordinary Ability (Execs/Managers)

    [Also includes – Science, Education, Business and Athletics]

    In this presentation series, we’re going to review the O-1A visa checklist of categories relating to Science, Education, Business and Athletics. Remember, we also have an O-1B visa video presentation series for professionals who work in the Arts and Motion Pictures / Entertainment Professionals.  The EB1, O-1A and O-1B are visa types that challenge us to fit the right client with the right visa option for the alien of extraordinary ability and then submit all of the required evidence to prove the case. The interrogative standards between the EB1, O-1A and O-1B are not the same and thus it will not be until you have studied and practiced in all through areas that you will can a proficient level of competency in this area of immigration law, but we’ll get you there.

    Part 1 – O-1A Checklist
    Part 2 – O-1A Major Award Win
    Part 3 – O-1A Invited Membership
    Part 4 – O-1A Participation as a Judge
    Part 5 – O-1A Published Material About You
    Part 6 – O-1A Contribution of Major Significance
    Part 7 – O-1A Published Scholarly Articles
    Part 8 – O-1A Critical or Essential Capacity
    Part 9 – O-1A High Salary.

    (6) O-1B Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in
    Arts and Motion Pictures

    When ever you’re dealing with actors, models, directors and other professionals working in the arts then this is the go to checklist series for consideration. The interrogatives here finely tailored for professionals working in the arts. In some cases, you may also fine that by comparing and contrasting the O-1A and O-1B options some professionals may straddle either the O-1A or O-1B options, for example a highly success fashion photographer or director may fit neatly into either option.

    Part 1 – O-1B Visa Checklist
    Part 2 – O-1B Visa – Major Award Nomination or Win
    Part 3 – O-1B Visa – Leading or Starring Role
    Part 4 – O-1B Visa – Recognition for Achievements
    Part 5 – O-1B Visa  – Organizational Critical Role
    Part 6 – O-1B Visa – Critical Acclaim
    Part 7 – O-1B Visa – Recognition from Critics
    Part 8 – O1B Visa – High Salary or Remuneration 
    Part 9 – O1B Visa – Other Comparable Evidence



    If you have gotten this far I’m sure you’ll agree, you would have learned a great deal about US Immigration in a relatively short period of time.

    Well Done!!!!!!