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by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on August 5, 2017

What's Your American Dream?

What’s Your American Dream?

By Chris M. Ingram, LL.M., ESQ

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It starts with a dream or an idea that simply won’t go away. You push it to the back of your mind thinking, I could never achieve that, but you convince yourself to take one step and then another step and then slowly but surely your dream begins to take shape. Then you might go online and do a little more digging. One day you get to our website and discover the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram and we confirm that, not only is your dream achievable, we can make it happen sooner than you think.

“I Made the Call”

Yes, these are the inquiries and phone calls we get every day at the Law offices of Chris Immigration and we love hearing from people just like you who have been sitting on this dream like a goose sitting on a golden egg of possibilities. Yes, emigrating to the US can be more than a pipe dream so maybe it’s time to just go for it. America, needs pioneers and ambitious people like you to be here, despite the rhetoric you might read or see on the news.

Do we follow the economic realities or the political realities?

Economic vs. Politics  – Americas Two Realities

The Economic Reality – first there is the reality of what is actually occurring on the ground.  There has been an explosion in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related jobs, for which American employers cannot staff fully. There is also the exponential growth in renewable energy based jobs with pioneers like the Tesla wanting to build two more giga-factories at a cost of 14B dollars. Then you have the re-migration of manufacturing jobs that were once out sourced to China now coming back to America. American companies have been able to reduce their production costs through technology to where it is now making more financial sense to relocate manufacturing back to the US. Finally, there are the people from all over the world who see themselves as possible future small business owners. The foreign investors have the money and would be happy hire Americans to help them build their dream business. Today, the economic reality is that the stock market is soaring and unemployment is now at 4.3% is the lowest in 16 years. Who knew? Now let’s take a look at the Political Reality.

Let Freedom Reign?

The Political Reality – President Trump has two bases of support. Trump’s main base comes from the white lower educated Americas who feel completely and utterly left behind. This blue-collar base have a legitimate and well-founded fear of being disenfranchised from their American Dream.  Trump’s second base of support comes from the superrich whom are looking for tax breaks and other corporate benefits.

How Many Americans Live off the Land Today?

Decades ago, ‘Middle Americans’ could live off the land or work in down the local coal mine shafts, or local factory that produced old technology products now in decline. Thirty years later these Middle Americans are awaking to a completely changed economic landscape, their way of life is crumbling. These low-tech jobs have been vanishing year after year to the point where whole towns and cities in Middle America have been decimated. To make matters worse for them the possibility of re-training into higher skilled jobs has been almost completely blocked by insanely high cost of education in America. Middle America is caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s a very bleak situation and President Trump says he has all the answers.

So, what does President Trump say to these beleaguered Americans looking for relief? ‘it’s the immigrants fault, they are taking your jobs, they’re to blame, so we have to damp down the flow of immigrants coming to this country.  Let’s close our doors to those wanting to come in and drive out those immigrants already here, most of them are gang members anyway.’ Really, this is the solution?

Who Made America Great?

The Realities of Economics and Politics Collide

There is a real disconnect and genuine clash between these the Economic Realities and the Political Realities.  Why is the US Economy soaring, whilst Middle America is suffering? To some extent, it’s about perception, it’s about Media. We live in an era where every day President Trump dominates each and every news cycle with an incendiary tweet. As a result, the news from morning until night becomes about what Trump said, or meant, etc. Then the new anchors spend all day defending Trump or attacking Trump – either way, it’s all about Trump. Meanwhile, ‘We the People’, get lost in the shuffle.  Like when two parents argue in front of their children, the children are wondering ‘what on earth is going on?   All other positive economic news does not make its way through into the national discourse.

America should be celebrating from the roof tops that the American economy is doing extraordinary well, and that jobs are coming back to America. I cannot give credit to the President for this sustained economic up swing, instead I give credit to every American business owner and worker who, regardless as to what is going in Washington D.C. still have to figure out how to “make rent”. How to stay competitive, hire and keep great staff, develop new products, become better, adapt to new challenges, address seasonal variations and the general economy. We call this American grit.

Politics and Economic Rationale Collides Everyday

Technology Always Wins

Think about it, when Americans shift their spending habits from retail to online shopping, this resulted in massive closures as Macey’s, JC Penny and Sears have fallen by the way side or are clearly in decline. Firstly, for all the square footage of these stores, did they really hire a lot of people anyway? I know when I go shopping, trying to find an assistant to really help me, who understood the product I was looking was like finding a needle in a haystack and I always got frustrated with the long checkout lines, where there are twenty checkouts lanes but only six lanes are every open at any one time. So, old school. now I do as much shopping online as possible. Anyway, what does all these store closures have to do with US Immigration?

What can you do for America?

Truth is, it does, but not in the way you might think. Amazon last year hired 100,000 people and plan to hire 100,000 more this year 2017. Just this week Amazon had an job fair where they were attempting to hire 50,000 people in one day. Amazon and others are creating new jobs, based on new technology. More over these new jobs are being created faster that the jobs being lost to old technology in retail stores. The irony is that many of the brilliant people behind the scenes of this technological revolution has been by immigrant software developers, programmers, business intelligence analyst and logisticians, mostly from South Asia. How do I know this? I know this because as an immigration law firm we are able to help them relocate through the EB1 Green Card program for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability.

…..and then there was Amazon.

So, now I can use my Amazon App to buy my wife a gift, and then have it delivered just in-time for her birthday. At other times, I can jump on line and order flowers for my Mum back home in England, just let her know I love her. Ah. These possibilities are available to us because we have visionaries like Jeff Bezos who founded Amazon. By the way Jeff was born to a Danish father Ted Jorgensen and then adopted by his Cuban father Miguel Bezos, when Jeff was just four years old. Jeff’s father was a Cuban exile who could not even speak English upon arrival but did learn quickly and worked his way up the Exxon Oil and Gas ladder.

Taiwanese Businessman Terry Gou the CEO of Foxconn is investing ten billion dollars in Wisconsin to create thousands of jobs? British Businessman Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic  and companies like them have set up jobs opportunities for American but once again there confronted with the lack of US STEM talent to fill their vacancies because of overly restrictive US Immigration policy.

If America, is going to stay the #1 economy leader in the world, it has to welcome and seek out talent from around the world make the immigration process much more flexible to meet demand. America has to think of itself like an International Soccer team whose success depends upon its ability to transfer in the best players from around the world to make their team great. It works. To Make American Great, we have to get as many talented people from around to the world also. It’s just that simple.

America. It used to be ‘the sky is the limit’ Not Anymore.

Under Educated/Under Employed

Over Educated/Over Employed

The challenge for America, is to find a way to bridge the divide between the under educated / under employed and the highly educated / over employed. America is experiencing a technological transformation that if allowed to flourish through the expansion of US immigration policies, many of these immigrants will go on to be the job creators of the future. If we do not let them in they will become competition against as they provide their services of our competitors internationally.

Our law firm is dedicated to working with STEM professionals in all sectors of industry. Right now through the EB1 Green Card program. We Can Make America Great Again Together.

We are experiencing tremendous success in getting experienced STEM professionals green cards. Give us a call asap while visas last.

What About the Low Skilled Migrant?

Before I close this article, it’s worth discussing the other end of the immigrant immigration talent pool; the very low-skilled, low paid, back breaking, agricultural worker. Truth is, we need a massive expansion of low skilled immigration. This is an inconvenient truth economically, but political suicide to advocate it. The fact is, that most Americans do not want to do back breaking agricultural work. Our kids have been far too pampered with their iPad, iPhones, iMacs and video games, to even consider for one second leaving that comfortable life to go and work in the fields – that’s the inconvenient economic reality.  However, political rhetoric has put a strangle hold on expanding low-skilled workers coming into the US under the false claim that they are taking American jobs.

Would you like to do this for $6 per hour?

Romeo and Juliet for Business

US businesses are like the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Business (Romeo) is desperately in love with Profit (Juliet), in order to be together they need to grow their produce or products in the most cost effective way. In agriculture, order to grow their produce, these businesses need to hire more and more immigrant labor to fill all the vacancies they have.

Oh Profit, where art thou….

The passion between Business (Romeo) and Profit (Juliet) is so strong that Businesses will do anything they can to get to Profit. Here we need to introduce the villain of our story, “the Government”. Because of inflexible immigration policies towards low skilled workers, denigrating them, and belittling their value to the American economy, Business and Profit nonetheless have to find a way to be together.

Now we have wars between ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) battling to run off all of the undocumented low-skilled workers off the land, and then you have the Department of Homeland Security going after Businesses for hiring undocumented aliens when all Business (Romeo) and Profit (Juliet) want to do, is be together and Make America Great Again.

When it comes to business there is nothing more desirable than making a Profit.

If we want to live in a free-market society, then we really have to let the market be free. The free market is certainly one of the main beacons that Makes America Great. Yes, Politics can often get in the way, but America, will always be America. Americans know how to fight for themselves regardless as to who is in the White House. Business (Romeo), will always strive and find a way to be with Profit (Juliet).

So, my message to all immigrants like myself, is to come on down, Amazon, Virgin, Apple, Target, BP, Exxon, Shell, Disney, Universal Pictures, Sony, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and thousands of other pioneering companies are looking for pioneering immigrants like you to join forces to Make America Great Again Together.

Thank you for following my articles 🙂

By Chris M. Ingram., LL.M., ESQ

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USA Immigration Attorney Chris M. Ingram is originally from Northampton, England. Chris M. Ingram Graduated with a BA(Hons) Degree in Law from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK in 1994, Chris M. Ingram then went on to the De Montfort School of Law in 1996 and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (PGDLP).   In 1998 Chris M. Ingram graduated with a Masters of Laws and Letters (LL.M) from Huddersfield University, UK. and after relocating to the U.S. Chris was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2003. Chris has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2004.

Having gone through the US Immigration process personally with his wife and three children, attorney Chris M. Ingram founded his own law firm with the clear mission to make sure every client had the very best US Immigration experience possible. To begin with, Chris M. Ingram set about writing and creating the very best comprehensive US Immigration education platform so that every visitor had the opportunity to discover in their own time and at their own pace their US Visa, Work Permit and Green Card options for free. Today, the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram’s website has over one thousand pages of content and hundreds of education videos and testimonials to inform and inspire every visitor. We are adding new content all the time.

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