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Introduction: We work with a lot of clients who either want to expand their current business to the US by opening a US branch or they may already have a US branch but now want to transfer some of their senior executives / managers to that branch. The L1-A visa serves this purpose and with it comes some excellent additional advantages. For example, spouses of L1-A visa holders can qualify for a work permit if they want one. Also, L1-A visa holders can upgrade their visas to green cards within a very short period of time.  The L1-A visa is an awesome visa to get.

For our clients who want to start up a new business or buy an existing business the E2 visa is the perfect answer. What I like about the E2 visa is that it frees the alien from having to find a US sponsor as the alien can buy or set up their own business and call all the shots. As with the L1 visa, spouses of the E2 visa holder also get to qualify for a work permit.  In many cases the spouse that goes out to work can in turn be sponsored by their employer for a green card and thus enable everyone to settle in the US on green cards.

Overall, we love working the L1-A and E2 visas, we enjoy great success and we’re moving families over to the US on these visas every month.

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