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Part 2 – K-1 Visa Fiancée Visa

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K-1 Visa Fiancée Visa 

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Part 2 K-1 Visa Fiancée Visa

Welcome to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. We’re delighted to have you review part two of our Fiancé (e) Visa and Green Card by Marriage series. In this presentation, we’re going to talk about the K1 Fiancé (e) visa.

K1 – Fiancée Visa

The purpose of a K1 visa is to allow an alien fiancée to come to the US in order to get married. Under the terms of the K1 visa, the marriage must take place within three months of arrival. This measure is designed to deter couples falling into an indefinite “fiancé (e)” status.

The K1 visa can take approximately 6-9 months to process through US Immigration. However, during peak case times, it can take longer. We would encourage you to start your immigration plans sooner rather than later, so as to create a comfortable margin in case there are any unexpected delays. Remember, when there’s a wedding many family members could possibly be traveling to the wedding from several countries, and they cannot easily change their plans at the last minute due to unforeseen delays with US Immigration.

We have many years of experience in this field, and you would be surprised as to how tricky it can be to plan a wedding around an uncertain processing time frame. There are several reasons for the lengthy processing times, for example, the sheer volume of applications that are filed, and in addition to the time of filing as there are seasonal variations in this volume.

US Immigration has to maintain rigorous fraud detection protocols that include various types of background checks. They’ll want to be completely satisfied in an age of mail order bride, online dating and other social media ways of connecting, that the relationships are in fact genuine, romantic, love-based relationships, as opposed to green card by marriage scams. How US Immigration spots the difference really depends on the comprehensiveness of the evidence presented, and this is one of the reasons why it’s important to have an experienced Immigration attorney to prepare your case.

With regards to background checks, they can include making sure your alien spouse hasn’t committed any crime, in any country, that could bar the alien from entry into the US. US Immigration has to make sure that any and all previous marriages were properly dissolved before any new marriage can be authorized.  They will also send the alien for a medical evaluation to ensure they’re not carrying any communicable disease that could pose a threat to the US population.

If any alien is looking to get married in the US, the K1 visa is the proper visa that US Immigration wants the alien to utilize,  in order to ensure that that all of the above cited checks and more, can be made before the alien is allowed to settle in the US permanently.

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In the next presentation, we’ll talk about the K3 visa, and other options you might want to consider.