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Video Guide of Retainer Agreement

We’ve prepared a video guide of the Retainer agreement that walks you through the main terms. You may wish to watch this video before completing our retainer agreement. We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you aboard as a valued client. NB: The Retainer Agreement was recently updated, we have not yet re-made this video to match these changes exactly so please study the actual retainer carefully before completing it so you’re fully apprized as to all the changes we have made. 


We’re delighted you’re looking to retain this firm to represent you. In order to do so we’d like you to review and complete our Retainer Agreement. This video is a summary of retainer agreement and we have just chosen some extracts to help you navigate your way through it. We would encourage you to study the agreement carefully at your leisure.

Complete your name(s) here as indicated. If there is a third party paying your fees for you, they should enter their name here in the (2) space available. Complete your address as indicated. For the Immigration Type please use the drop down and select your visa type. If you’re unsure please contact our office for directions. For the Agreed Attorney Fees enter the full fee quoted to you for your case. We’ll get to the deposit payment at the end of the agreement.  Estimated Filing Fees – if we have quoted for the filing fees please enter this number here, we will not charge your card for this payment until just prior to your case being filed. Shipping and Handling – Please allow approximately $150 for this. Basically, once your case is ready our retainer agreement provides for a flat fee of $75 to print out your entire digital case, tabulate it and package ready for shipping. The balance of the $150 will be used towards the shipping of the package. Any balance remaining will be reimbursed back to you when your case is complete. It is also important to let us know if you have ever been arrested or convicted of any crime.

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The principal attorney is Chris M. Ingram and the agreement highlights his New York State Bar IS Number and American Immigration Lawyers Association and you can contact them at any time to verify the attorney’s good standing.


Payment Schedule – In order to get your case started you will be required to pay a deposit of 50%. We will then set up your case, create a structure and strategy to we’ll begin requesting from you all of the documentation and information we’ll need to prepare your case. The bulk of the documentation can be uploaded to your case file. As your case progresses we’ll require and second and third payment. With the third payment we’ll seek to draw down from your method of payment the filing fees related to your case as applicable.


When a client pays their attorney fees by debit or credit card we do NOT charge a handling fee whatsoever. However, we do charge a handling when we are collecting your filing fees from your debit or credit card, this is because the credit card company will take their fee out of this sum and this we’ll have insufficient funds to forward to US Immigration on your behalf. We charge a handling fee of 5% of the amount charged. You can avoid this fee if you go to your bank and have them make a check to the branch of Immigration applicable to your case. We can guide you on this if you’d like to make the payment to Immigration yourself.


No matter how confident we might be required a successful out to your case we make no guarantee whatsoever as to any outcome since such decisions rest solely with the US Immigration Authorities.

Potential Additional Fees – Over and above the Attorney fees that would have been quoted to you there is a potential under certain circumstances that additional attorney fees and filing fees may be required. If we have to:

1: File a Motion to Reopen and Reconsider (25%)

2: File an Appeal (25%)

3: Withdraw Your Case  ($250)

4: Response to a Request for Further Evidence (RFE) (up to 25%)

Points 1 thru 3 are quite unusual, but responding to requests from US Immigration is more common. If an RFE requires very little work then of course we’re happy to do this without further charge. However, sometimes the RFE can be quite extensive and under such circumstances and after discussion with you we may have to charge up to 25% to complete this work up.


Many of our clients will be applying for the E2 Investment visa and will be looking to find the right business and making decisions accordingly. Please be advised that, as per our retainer agreement the law firm is in no way accepts any responsibility as to our client’s final choice on any business endeavor. Our responsibility is strictly limited to making sure that a good faith investment visa application is submitted to US Immigration for consideration.


In essence, we want our clients to work through their cases as expeditiously as possible and therefore this agreement allows the client six months to submit to us the documents we need. After six months has expired this law firm has the option to deem the case as abandoned and close it out. This limitation to stop the firm from having a lingering obligation to the client that could run into years. However, if a client is making steady progress with their case but just needs a little more time to submit the remaining documents, we’re always more than happy to extend this time at the law firm’s discretion.


This law firm has adopted a fixed fee payment structure to give our client certainty as to how much their case is going to cost them. Many law firms prefer to charge by the hour for everything.  Therefore, please be advised that as per the retainer agreement as each payment is made it becomes non-refundable. Once a client has had their case set up, they have immediate access to all of the intellectual property that belongs to the firm, which includes all of the special videos and guides and case structures. Therefore, clients by this agreement are barred from claiming a refund having had such access. However, if upon retaining the law firm and no case file has yet been set up online for the client access then a full-refund is possible. A client’s case file is typically set up within 24 – 48 hours after the firm has been retained.


As per this agreement once you have completed this retainer agreement and submitted online you would have entered into a binding contract with us and we will begin work on your case within 24-48 hours depending on when you actually submit this retainer bearing in mind the weekends and Public holidays.


Finally, let’s review the Billing information. Enter you email and then confirm it, then type in the payment you are making. The payment at this stage should be 50% of the attorney fee. You state the amount numerically and then in words. Enter your credit / debit card number and the CCV number which is the number on the back of your and then enter your expiry date. When you are satisfied you have everything entered hit the submit button and we’ll get started on your case.


We know from first hand experience what it feels like to relocate to the US and hire an attorney, it’s a very big life changing step and together we can make your American Dream come true. We look forward to receiving your completed retainer agreement and we look forward to working on your case. The great thing for us is that we get to see lives changed every day and when we can we get testimonials letters and videos we can use to inspire others maybe one day soon we’ll be posting your testimonial and video – we can’t wait.

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

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