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    Chapter 1 – O1 Visa and EB1 Green Card for Sports,Track and Field

    O1 Visa and EB1 Visas Require Sustain Acclaim or National or International Awards

    O1 and EB1 Visas Require Sustained Acclaim or National and/or International Awards

    US Immigration is very keen to help people from within the  Sports, Track and Field community relocate to the US.  America is a nation of sports lovers and some of the highest paid athletes and sports personalities are based in the US. The US also boasts some of the highest paid college athletes in the world also, even though officially the athletes cannot be paid directly until they graduate and turn professional. Just recently I was talking to a client whose brother was offered one million dollars just to go to a certain US university to play. Seriously, sports is big business therefore talent from around the world is being scouted and recruited into the US.  Let’s not forget amateur sports too. Whilst there are many athletes who are professional there is just as big world class amateur athletes preparing and competing internationally; many of them are supported through lucrative endorsements that rival the professional athletes.

    Countries derive a great deal of international pride when their citizens bring credit to their nation at international competitions, therefore it would make sense for there to be good US Immigration options for those competitors who want to train, live and compete in the US.

    In this visa outline I’ve tried to give you some real insight as to how you may qualify to take advantage of this visa’s opportunities. As you read through this material think about your achievements to date. You have a vital role to play in the success of your case because you know your career history better than anyone. So we rely on our clients to put all modesty aside and to tell us what they have achieved, when they achieved it and we ask them to send us all the documentation to prove it.  We then take that ‘diamond in the rough’ evidence and we work the evidence into what we hope will be a winning case. 

    Without good evidence you will not make it, so be prepared to call in every favor in order to get us the evidence we need make a great case for you.  We’ll guide you every step of the way and review all the evidence as it comes in. I hope you enjoy reading our materials on this topic and if you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to complete our consultation questionnaire so we can set up a free telephone discussion to consider your options.  


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    Chapter 1  –  O1 Visas and EB1 Green Cards for Sports, Track and Field
    Chapter 2  –  To Be The Best
    Chapter 3  –  O1 Visa vs. EB1 Green Card
    Chapter 4  –  O1 Visa Checklist
    Chapter 5  –  EB1 Green Card Checklist
    Chapter 6  –  Acclaim, Sponsorship and Visa Duration
    Chapter 7 –  O1 Visa and EB1 Green Card – Spouse and Children

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