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    Training on Posting Written Testimonials

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    Part 3 EB3 Green Card Labor Certification

    Posting Written Testimonials

    Hopefully at this stage you would have learned a lot about immigration law and looking forward to what we have planned for you. This training course will teach you how to post the written testimonials we receive from our clients to our Breakthrough USA website. Being able to collect and post testimonials is an essential way of promoting the success of this law practice.

    We’ll also be providing a separate training on how to film and edit on camera testimonials too, so look forward to that.

    Part 1 – Introduction
    Part 2 – Creating Your Page
    Part 3A – Editing Your Page
    Part 3B – Image Prep
    Part 4 – Writing a Preamble and Inserting Code
    Part 5 – Inserting Pictures into Testimonial
    Part 6 – Basic Search Engine Optimization

    Practical Assignment 

    Your goal will be to check with your Practice Manager to see if there have been any written testimonials that have come in that you can now work on.  As new written testimonials come in they will be handed to you to process. As you complete each one, please email them to the team so we can all take a look and comment where necessary.