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More and more aliens are falling head over heals in love through the Internet.  What often starts on the Internet quickly turns in to hours of phone bills and then trips back and forth then issue of marriage comes up.  Many couples do not want to rush into marriage just to get a visa, who can blame them?  However, given the other visa restrictions getting a green card by marriage might put less of a strain on the relationship than long periods of separation.

Fiancée visas and marriage-based visas can take between 6- 9 months to process so planning things well in advance is always advisable.

US Immigration once reported that 50% of all green card applications based on marriage are fake, so they are particularly scrupulous in their examination of all the documentation. Whilst it is possible to do these cases yourself I’d not recommend it.  The process is quite daunting even for attorneys because these cases are processed by multiple immigration agencies. The case will either start off at the Embassy in your home country or Chicago Illinois when the bulk of these cases are initially processed, then the case gets sent to the National Visa Center in Kentucky before being forwarded to the National Visa Center in New Hampshire who then in turn forward the case back to the Embassy where more forms are given to you to complete before going for a medical. Each of these various immigration agencies have an opportunity to raise issues require additional documentation and so forth and there is no one place you can go to get helpful advice from A-Z.

We handle a steady flow of these cases and during this time we constantly monitor the changes in these agency requirements and make sure that our cases are modified accordingly based on our experiences with these agencies. I often get calls from potential clients asking me if I would take over their case because they are so stressed out. Yes, I can sometimes, but if the case is really off track it can be difficult to get them back on track sometimes I have to pass on them altogether.

If you file your case right first time and stay on top of things your case should track through to a great outcome. One of the biggest factors is to give yourself more time that you think you’ll need so that when a snag is encountered it does not through everyone into a panic because you have allowed plenty of time for the various immigration agencies to do their thing.

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US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
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