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US Immigration Reform – Dream Act Dashed Again


Senator Harry Reid Campaigns for the Dream Act to help those who were brought over as children to finally get a chance to go college or serve in the military

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Since December 15th 2009 there has been much talk about Comprehensive Immigration Reform at various times through the year the subject has raised its head over and over again. The Republicans are typically very staunchly anti immigration reform while the Demarcates are staunchly pro immigration reform.  Until November 2nd 2010 the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate so Comprehensive Immigration Reform seemed probable, but after the mid-term elections the Republicans took control of the House and the Democrats held onto the Senate. In other words, we really have grid-lock in Congress.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid is trying again to get the Dream Act passed. This bill would allow all undocumented aliens who entered the US as minors and were for the most part educated in the US the chance to go to college or join the military and thereby get their green cards.  Unless there is a political sea change on the issue of Immigration it’s difficult to see where there will be a breakthrough here as frustrating as that is.

Because the US economy is still in a fragile stake many politicians are deliberately stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment saying that immigration reform will lead to less jobs for Americans who are already having a hard time find work. The opposing view is that immigration reform will put 12 million aliens fully into the economic system allowing them to obtain credit, buy more consumer goods, houses and thus create far more jobs, given that they are already working here anyway.

What is very clear is that the campaigners for ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ are not going away. Immigration reform has been in the news throughout 2010.  My guess is that as soon as the economy regains it’s momentum and unemployment tracks downwards to under 5% there will be a better climate for immigration reform than there is now.

News Update: On Saturday December 19th 2010 The Senate voted 55-41 against the Dream Act dashing hopes once again for millions of aliens who were brought in without papers. What Next? here is some reaction this latest decision.

David Leopold – President of  American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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