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    (2) Cultivate and Secure All Client Renewals

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    Introduction – The 7 Seven Disciplines

    Staff Re-Organization
    Fee Earner’s Financial Footprint
    Talking Points


    Cultivate and Secure Client Renewals

    Unless a client has become a US Citizen, there is an opportunity to secure all of their renewal business. In fact, even when a client becomes a US citizen, this then enables them to sponsor their parents, brothers, sisters and any children over the age  21  that may yet be abroad into green card status. So, even when a client becomes a US citizen there are tons of other opportunities for business that we should be looking to scoop up.

    Think about it, we have client files going back 7 or 8 years.

    How Do we Achieve This?

    So again, I’ll be working with the New Business Development Team to document and calendar all of the client data professionally, so that in concert with the Fee Earners we can again gain mastery of this discipline.


    The success we’re looking for individually and as a firm will come incrementally as each and every discipline is mastered. There is no magic or Silver bullet, we simply have to be comprehensively great at our jobs – meaning every discipline.