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Fee Earner’s Financial Footprint
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Part 1 EB3 Green Card - IntroductionFee Earner’s Financial Foot Print 

Every fee earner must be able to clearly identify their financial revenue generating footprint so they can make their individual quota targets and thus work their way up the pay scale.

Moving forward, each fee earner will be independently responsible for their quotas.

The total attorney fee for each case will thus be split and allocated 50:50.

If a case is valued at $6,000, then Jeremy who sold the case is credited 50% in quota and Gabriel, who worked the case, is credited 50% in quota.

If Lindsey sells an $8,000 EB1 she gets $4,000 and Kostas* gets $4,000

If Arianeh sales an $8,000 EB1 she gets $4,000, Tanya gets 25% (until she completes the bar) for doing all of the research and Gabriel** gets 25% for doing all of the arguments.

*Kostas will do all of his own research for all of his own cases.

** Gabriel will get quota from both E2 work and EB1 work, so he will have a temporary advantage and a temporary larger headache than anyone else.

So, we’ll have six fee-earners, three front and three back, partnered together.

The clients will be divided on January 4th. Kostas will be able to keep any case on which he has already started the argument. It’s ok for Gabriel or Kostas to complete arguments from both cases, but the plan will be to establish a clean break by the end of business day January 4th.