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Introduction – The 7 Seven Disciplines

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Firstly, let me remind everyone that Lindsey and Jeremy used to do all front and all back all the time, and for the most part did a great job. So Kostas having to do his own research, whilst it might appear as something of a drag, really has pros and cons: –

Focus – whilst this may appear to be a major shake up, and it is, there are a lot of positives to focus on. Once you have created your partnerships, you’re #1 goal should be to figure out an aggressive action plan to master the seven disciplines, because they will grow your business the fastest. If you ignore them, then of course I’d agree the big change is not great news.

The client only deals with Kostas for everything regarding the fundamentals of the case, meaning all research and all arguments. The client is not going to be bounced between two people.

Even though the Kostas and Tanya model works really, it completely suffocates Tanya’s ability to make good quota on her own merits. I need Tanya, post bar, to be able to fully make as much as any fee earner in the firm.

Part 2 EB1 Green Card Qualification RequirementsWhilst Kostas having to do his own research will initially be a drag and slow him down, he will benefit from having the full $4,000 quota instead of $3,000 per case. And, given the amount of research and calls that need to be done to get all of the evidence in, and Tanya only getting credited with $1,000 per three arguments, that was not a fair reflection of her hard work every day, hence I’m making it 50% of the total $4,000 moving forward.

Each partnership will carefully study all of the disciplines and determine which partner will have primary responsibility for them, jointly or severally, and this will need to be documented because Shirin and the NBDT will need to track, follow up and monitor the person who has the primary responsibility and also chase the secondary for accountability.

Each Intake Specialist will have the challenge of having to bring in more or as much new business as the Backend is shipping out, but under this new 7-discipline model, that responsibility to feed the backend is not by any means solely the responsibility of the front Intake Specialist. The 7-disciplines require a holistic commitment to mastering them all, and in many cases this duty is a mutual one within the partnership.

Part 3 EB3 Green Card Labor CertificationGabriel, despite Jeremy’s best efforts, has a tendency to run out of work. My hope and plan is that during the months of January and February Jeremy will indeed get the upper hand in work in vs. work out. Moreover, during these two months the SEM (paid Google ads in the top three spots in the search results) would have kicked in, and by March Jeremy’s sales would have jumped significantly enough to keep Gabriel busy, enabling Tanya to take over her entire case load in March as a 40 hour per week minimum employee.

All the very best with all of the above – it’s a lot to take in, but I’m 100% confident that if mastered we’ll all be very happy with the results by April 1st 2016.