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Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR): US Immigration Attorney Chris M. Ingram Provides an Up to Date Detailed Analysis on CIR *

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) News: Being reunited with the ones you love; your family is the best thing in the world. I can’t wait for CIR. This is what US Immigration is all about. Families.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) News: Being reunited with the ones you love; your family is the best thing in the world. I can’t wait for CIR. This is what US Immigration is all about. Families.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Update

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) has definitely fallen off the political radar as oil gushes into the Gulf of Mexico at the rate of 100,000 gallons per day. With no solution in sight until mid-August the President has been very busy doing damage control both politically and environmentally.

Just within the last couple of days the committee on Comprehensive Banking Reform put together a massive package to be presented before Congress at the earliest opportunity. President Obama had promised banking reform in the wake of the global finance crisis and like Comprehensive Healthcare Reform he is about to put another giant feather in his cap.

What this tells me is the president is keeping his corner stone promises. He definitely has his hands full with either dealing with foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf of Mexico, but he is able to get domestic legislation done too.

So is Comprehensive Immigration Reform finally next? To be honest I just don’t know. We have the summer recess coming up and immediately thereafter we have the mid-term Congressional elections. I do not see enough of a political window to tackle Comprehensive Immigration Reform. My best guess and that’s all it can be right now is that the Immigration debate will resurface too as many politicians seek to lay down their positions on the subject, some promising to move forward on it during and after the elections while others will lay down positions vowing to oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform on every flank.

Another factor in the mix is the expected lurch to the Republican party in the November elections, meaning that whereas today the Democrats (traditionally very pro Comprehensive Immigration Reform) have huge majorities in both the Senate and the House it is expected that this majority will be substantially cut as more Americans who lost out in the economic down turn look for someone to blame and often it will be the incumbents in office. Although, it is fair to say that it was former President George Bush who handed President Barrack Obama the economy as it was plunging into recession.

There are too many variables at play here to be sure how Comprehensive Immigration Reform will play. At the end of June I’ll be going to Washington DC myself to the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s (AILA) Annual Convention and maybe when I get back I’ll be able to tell you first hand as to what is going on, on The Hill.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform News

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