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I’ve been wondering what to write about this month that will  inspire our visitors to this site to pursue their US Immigration Dream; The American Dream. However, it has been the many visitors and clients that have been so inspirational to me and my staff. Every single day we’ve been getting emails from many visitors congratulating us on how good our website has become. Visitors talk about the quality of the overall content, how well I explain the various visa types and what a breath of fresh air our website is after they have been spent hours looking at other websites getting no where. Then I’ve been inspired when new clients tell me how impressed they are with the quality of the service they have received. So I’d like to start off this newsletter by thanking every one of you for your kind words of support.

We’re not a perfect practice and sometimes things do not always go according to plan; in the world of US immigration that should almost be factored in, but my team and I could not be more motivated to give our all to help our clients realize their American Dream as we have done.

Over the last month I’ve been reviewing the entire website page by page looking to make tweaks here and there to improve still further the overall quality of the web site. Standing still is not an option. This detailed review will probably take us through to September 1st which will be our 7th Anniversary online. When we started there was no You Tube and now we have You Tube videos on our site and plan to load more. Over that time we have won so many cases and many families have now worked their way all the way to US citizenship.

A large part of our success has been our intention to make every new case better than the last. Every time we win a case we ensure that the next case is modeled after the last win. Often times US Immigration (USCIS) will look at one of our cases and request additional information. We then submit the required information and then for the next new case we take on those additional USCIS requests and incorporate them into our standard protocol and this is how we manage to evolve with USCIS and remain consistently successful. When we have a problematic case, this is when we’re able to learn the most as we dissect the issue, resolve it and then every new client benefits. This is what you call experience and expertise and this is why people hire us in the numbers they do.

I’d better move on now and talk about what has been going on in the other visas we do. Thanks so much for being such awesome visitors and clients, you’re the reason we do what we do.

US Immigration Attorney Chris M Ingram
US Immigration Law Specialist

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

US Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram
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