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E1 Visa – Work Permit for Spouses

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This video discusses benefits for spouses such as work permit employment options E1 Visa spouses. If you’d like a free consultation to discuss this topic further please call 310 496 4292 today.

E1 Visa – Employment for E1 Visa Holders & Spouses

Welcome to the Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram. We are delighted that you have joined us for Part 5 in our video presentation series on the E1 Treaty Trader visa. Ok – lets get started.

Family First: In our opening presentation we outlined that spouses of E1 visa holder can qualify for a work permit and this is one of the great benefits of the E1 visa as compared to some other visas like the H-1B graduate visa where spouses do not qualify for work permits. In fact, many of our clients pursue the E1 visa in order to assist their spouse in getting US employment so they can pursue their graduate careers.

Managing Trade: The E1 visa is all about creating a situation where a foreign company is able to create and grow business relationships with US companies. In some cases, an E1 visa is not required because the foreign companies are merely placing or receiving orders internationally. However, depending on the nature of the trade the foreign company may need to send an employee to reside in the US to oversee certain operations such as quality control, build business relationships and acquire more clients. Where the foreign company has reached that point the E1 visa may well be the next logical step.

Sending the Right Representative: US Immigration wants to make sure that only senior level personnel are being transferred. So let’s take a closer look as to how we might evaluate the transferee.

  • Same Nationality: The Company and the employee must have the same nationality. Remember, companies are separate legal entities and have a nationality of their own. In essence, the company’s nationality is determined by the nationality of its shareholders.

For example, if a German family owns a German based company, the company is said to be German. Germany has a treaty with the US for E1 visa purposes.

If the German company wants to send a Technical Supervisor to oversea the US manufacturing process for ordered goods to be shipped back to Germany, then the Technical Supervisor would also need to be a German national to qualify for the E1 visa.

  • Skill Level of E1 Visa Employee: The E1 visa employee must be coming to play an executive or senior supervisory role. Alternatively, the E1 visa employee could be a specialist, someone whose role is essential to the continuation of trade. Ok – so Let’s take a look at some examples.

Example 5: Chateau Noir is a distinguished wine company based in Bordeaux, France. Over the years Chateau Noir has been looking to diversify it’s wine portfolio by importing Californian wines from a small vineyard called Napa Vines, Napa Valley. The Chief Agricultural expert for Chateau Noir is Pierre Gaston. Pierre is being relocated to Napa Vines to monitor their soil and cultivation techniques.

In this case, it can be seen that Pierre’s role is highly specialized and it can be envisioned that as long as Chateau Noir works with Napa Vines they will need Pierre’s expertise on the site.

Example 6: Margot is a buyer for the French fashion house Splash based in Paris. Margot role is to travel around the fashion hotspots of New York, LA and Miami to work with various designers and suppliers to bring the best of American fashion to Splash. In this example, its easy to see how Margot’s role is both an Executive role in that she has to make executive decisions about what products make it in the Splash collection and she possesses unique skills as to knowing Parisian fashion.

In the next presentation we’ll discuss the possible options to settle permanently in the US. Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed this E1 Visa presentation.

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