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Fashion Designer Antonio Celebrates her EB1 green card success in style, having designed work for Robert De Niro's Hotel in New York

Fashion Designer Antonio celebrates her EB1 green card success in style, having designed work for Robert De Niro's Hotel in New York

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If you're aspiring to get an O1 Visa or EB1 Green Card, then this could be a great reference page for you. I'm always thinking about ways to help my visitors and clients make connections in Los Angeles, New York and other hot spots in the Film, Fashion and Entertainment industry. Whilst there are many websites on the Internet you should be browsing through, I thought if I could at least get you started with some useful links to various agencies and key contacts, you might find this page an excellent resource for information. One of the reasons I recently moved my offices to Santa Monica, Los Angeles was to be closer to the heart of the Entertainment community. Next time you're in town please come on down – book an appointment and let's talk things over!

In New York I guess I'm best known for working with many of the leading fashion house designers for Calvin Klein, Abercrombie and Fitch and BCBG. I'm always inspired by the work that they do and love seeing their designs featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan – See fashioner designer Antonio's picture top left. You can also read her testimonial Christina Antonio. Paul Butler started his own company in Training and Development and arrived on an E2 Business Visa. within just a few years he'd become a leading light in his industry so we presented him to US Immigration for an EB1 green card and won. Paul's journey is an amazing one. Paul Butler.


In Los Angeles I work mostly with actors, film makers and the production crew. It's awesome knowing that you've just helped someone get their O1 visa or EB1 green card to work on a major blockbuster movie. I love to see my client's name featured in the end credits.

Anyway, I hope you find this page useful. If you find any other links that you think will be helpful to our readers and clients please email me at chris @ ingramesq. com. I'll be adding new links to this page often so please check back in from time to time.

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BBA Models – Body Parts ModelsBrandCESDClickD2 ModelsDominiqueEliteFordLA ModelsWilhelmina ModelsNous Model ManagementOtto ModelsSan Diego Modeling Agency

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3rd Street Dance (Ballroom) – International Dance Academy  Hollywood – Dance Art's Academy – Debbie Allen Dance Academy –  John The Dance Doctor – Hip – – The Center for Contemporary Dance –  Let's Dance L.A  Los Angeles Best Dance Studio
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All You Need to Know About the Music IndustryActing: Make It Your BusinessAuditionThe Fashion Designer Survival Guide
– EB1 Home Page
– EB1 Green Card Checklist
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– EB1 Testimonial – Helen
– EB1 Testimonial – Christina
– EB1 Testimonial – Paul
– EB1 Green Card vs. O1 Visa
– EB1 Green and O1 Visa Guide
– Hollywood Connections

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