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Fiancee Visa / Marriage Visa – Green Card Success Story by Kevin and Sherry

Thank you Kevin and Sherry for sharing your amazing story. We wish you all the very best in your new life together.

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My name Is Kevin, I'm from Australia. Ive spent most of my life as a  truck driver back home in Australia. I've never lived, nor contemplated the thought of living in the United States before. That is until I met my wife Sherry. She is the sole reason that I pursued a visa/green card to live in the United states.

Not being the most adapt at legal knowledge, and knowing that a move to another country is a lengthy and difficult process, we decided that it would be best to use a lawyer to help us obtain the green card and visa. The process did indeed to prove difficult in itself, especially obtaining information from back home. However, seeing my wife every morning, knowing that she is my soul mate, kept us motivated to carry on with the process. If not for the encouragement of the team at Law Offices of Chris M Ingram, I probably would have given up, or looked for another avenue. Their professionalism, and contractibility, made it easier to restore any doubts that may have arisen during the process.

I can finally go forth and seek employment, to support my family. My Green card arrival date will undoubtedly be noted and celebrated annually. 

If I was to give advice to any future immigrants, it would be to give the team at the Law Offices of Chris M Ingram the time. Listen to their advice and make up your own mind up. I doubt you would find a more professional and talented team to handle your application, nor will you end a team that is more supportive.I personally cannot thank them enough.




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