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O1 Visa Attorney Chris M. Ingram Asks Have You Ever Been Shortlisted, Nominated or Won a National or International Award? *

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O1 Visa Specialist – If you have been shortlisted for any award let alone having won a major award you should be ale to satisfy this category. Let me know if you have as soon as possible.

A) Has been nominated for or been the recipient of significant national or international awards or prizes such as an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy, or a Director’s Guild Award. 101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o).

There are many national and international awards in a variety of professional fields. For the O1 visa if you have even been shortlisted, which is basically what a nomination is you should be ale to satisfy this category. Have a good think about all of the achievements in your career and consider any competitions, or industry accolade that you have been involved with. The key here is that any award must be broader; more far reaching than your particular company even if your company is international in size.

I always like to have any prospective client consider themselves for both the O1 visa and the EB1 green card sine they are both predicated on a showing of extraordinary ability. Although the O1 visa and the EB1 green card are both based in a showing of extraordinary ability the o1 visa and EB1 green card check lists are very similar but not identical. For example, under the EB1 green card checklist it is not sufficient that the alien was nominated for a national or international award, for the EB1 green card the wording requires that the alien to have won out right the award.

Being nominated for a national or international award will get you your O1 visa in one go, winning that same award could get you your EB1 green card outright. One final point to add hear is that in the EB1 green card checklist there is a distinction between major international awards (the major internationally recognized award will get you the EB1 green card on this merit alone) versus winning a ‘lesser’ national award. This distinction makes the analysis more interesting because many national awards are internationally recognized while other national awards may not be. As your attorney I need to be able to determine how best to pitch your award for maximum effect. It is arguable that an award is as important as it is presented.

Take some time to not only have a good review of your accomplishments over the years, but also compare your accomplishments against both the O1 visa and the EB1 green card checklist.

I’d like to hear from you by email your thoughts and ideas on the matter and maybe together we can confirm your eligibility for either the O1 visa or the EB1 green card.  

By US Immigration Attorney Chris M Ingram
101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o)
O1 Visa Specialist
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