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O1 Visa Attorney Chris M. Ingram Asks Have You Played a Vital Role on Projects That Have Been Successful in Terms of Sales or Critical Acclaim? *

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O1 Visa Specialist – If you have worked on any project that has been very successful in terms of sales or critical acclaim please let me know. I’d like to explore precisely what these projects were and their impact.

4. A record of major commercial or critically acclaimed successes, as evidenced by such indicators as title, rating, or standing in the field, box office receipts, credit for original research or product development, motion picture or television ratings, and other occupational achievements reported in trade journals, major newspapers, or other publications; 101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o).

This is a very interesting O1 visa category to discuss because there are several ways to approach this subject. In essence, USCIS is looking for us to show how successful our client has been in terms of the work they have done to what extend their participation in the product/production can be directly attributed to that production/production.

Therefore, if you played a leading or co-starring role in the Harry Potter series of films as evidenced by where your name appears in the title then it would be reasonable to claim satisfaction of this category because the Harry Potter series has broken many box office records. However, if you have played a very minor role in films or productions (this will include stage, record and other industries too) that have done extremely well then you will not be able to include this category in our selection unless there is significant press singling out your role as being particularly praise worthy. Good analysis of the O1 visa is to look for creative ways to satisfy the categories you need to qualify overall for the O1 visa.

There are also many minor films and productions that may not have made a lot of money at the time but have become widely critically acclaimed in the media. Perhaps one of the most notable examples of this was the film The Shawshank Redemption, now widely regarded as one of the top ten films of the centaury. There are many productions that are only known to their target market in the arts that are highly regarded indeed because of the column inches “critically acclaimed successes” that production has garnered and if you have played a leading role in front or behind the camera or production then we may wish to explore this O1 visa category.

Again, for many people who might have an O1 visa shot at this category, if you do not have the press today, you may be able to develop new press. The press is always scanning for newsworthy items and thus you’ve got to find ways to get their attention. There was a time where people had to perform some feat of skill to get the presses attention. Today, in the world of reality TV there are now many people who are famous for discernable reason. Today, you can be famous just for having a six pack….marketed well.

Look at your career to date and see what projects you might have worked on that have done well and review your relationship to that project to see if a reasonable claim could be made that part of the success was due to your contribution. We may be able to get some well crafted letters to confirm this. 

By US Immigration Attorney Chris M Ingram
101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o)
O1 Visa Specialist
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