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O1 Visa Specialist – There are many people like you who may be working in a leading, pivotal or critical role for a distinguished company. If you do tell me more about your role and whether or not your role has garnered any press coverage.

3. Performance in a lead, starring, or critical role for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation as shown by articles in newspapers, trade journals, publications, or testimonials; 101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o).

As discussed in my review of the 1st category (B 1 of 7 categories) of the O1 visa these categories are very similar in wording and we have to take a very close look to clearly identify the differences between them.

Category B1 – Services, performed and to be performed, as a lead or starring participant in productions or events which have a distinguished reputation

Category B3 – Performance in a lead, starring, or critical role for organizations and establishments that have a distinguished reputation

When considering these O1 visa categories we first need to consider whether your career to date has been to do with working in a leading, starring or critical role behind the scenes on stage. A good example might be look at the fashion industry. The model walking down the catwalk is definitely in front the camera; center of attention. The designer of the clothes is center of attention, even though his/her clothes most certainly are. Therefore, the model would definitely satisfy O1 visa category B1. The designer would definitely fit in the O1 visa category B3, but the designer could also satisfy O1 visa category B1 if it is their name leading the brand like Vera Wang. However, designers who design for Vera Wang would only satisfy O1 visa category B3.

If we extend this fashion industry example out a little we can use this as way to further illustrate the differences between these two O1 visa categories. A fashion photographer working for various magazines would be an O1 visa category B3 because he is working in a leading and critical role; being responsible for the imagery of the magazine, but like Vera Wang, some photographers can become iconic in their own right and thus may cross over into the O1 visa category B1 because their mere appearance at an event or production generates it’s own publicity buzz.

Many aliens work for prestigious distinguished companies at a very senior level however in order to satisfy this O1 visa B3 category they must generate press publicity and critical reviews that talks about them as individuals by name and the companies they work for.  It is fair to say that many of the aliens in this O1 visa B3 category may not have any press whatsoever, if they need this B3 category as one of the three O1 visa categories overall that they need to fill then this will be an area we’ll need to work on. It may be that we discuss ways to get some articles published and if necessary it may be that we consider hiring a publicist ensure that you have the press you need. It is fair to say that many aliens in the O1 visa B3 category ball park are probably higher earners and therefore may satisfy the O1 visa B6 category (extraordinary pay) along with two other categories and can afford (no pun intended) to skip this O1 visa B3 category altogether.  These are the types of discussions I love having with my clients as we work together to determine which of all the O1 visa categories might be the best fit for them. 

I look forward to discussing your O1 visa options and reviewing your notes as to how you think you might satisfy this category.

By US Immigration Attorney Chris M Ingram
101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o)
O1 Visa Specialist
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