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Proper Management of Approved Clients

1. Maintain a Spreadsheet
2. Update Client Records
3. Update IPC
4. Schedule Routine Follow Ups
5. Update Key Dates
6. Schedule Greeting Cards

Schedule Routine Follow Ups

Schedule routine follow-ups for each approved client at 6-month intervals in the IPC key dates as well as the Specialists’ calendars

Ok, so once we have the necessary documents gathered, the next step is to ensure that the clients are scheduled for follow-ups at 6-month intervals. Again, this will be a two-step process.

Entering Key Dates into the Client Case File

The first step is to enter the required follow-ups into the client’s case file under the key dates. The key dates can be found on Client Info page of the client’s case file.


Tab e


Tab F


We will be adding new key dates every 6 months for the next five years. In this above example, we are continuing with Alfred Bodden’s case, who is an E2 visa holder, however, the same number of follow-ups should be booked for green card holders at the same 6-month interval.

To add a Key Date, you will click the ‘New Key Dates’ button, which takes you to the following screen: –


Tab G


The 6-month follow-ups should be entered as follows:-

Type – Action Required

Date – This should be the date when the follow-up should take place. We can see from Alfred’s E2 visa that it was issued on August 10, 2015. The first follow -up should be 6 months after this date, and every 6 months after that. Thus, the first follow-up date would be February 10, 2016.

Reminder – The reminder should always be set to 7 days. The reminders will populate onto the home page of the IPC, allowing the Practice Manager and other staff members to see what key dates are approaching in the next week.

Comment – The comment should read ‘6-Month Post-Approval Follow Up’.

Completed – This will be left blank. Once the appropriate specialist completes the follow-up, he or she will change this to ‘Yes.’

Once all of this information is correctly entered, you can hit the save button.


Tab H


You will then repeat the above process for the remaining follow-ups for the next 5 years. Once you have entered all 10 follow-ups, the key dates section should look like this: –


Tab I


Once these dates have been put into the Key Dates section, the above dates will need to be added to the Approved Client Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet, as mentioned, allows for the Practice Manager to review and sort the information to ensure that the approved clients can be properly tracked.


Booking Post-Approval Follow-Ups into the Specialists’ Calendars

The approved client follow-ups will also need to be populated into the calendar of the appropriate Intake Specialist. All post-approval follow-ups should be done by the Specialist who retained the client.

To determine who retained the client, please refer to the client emails. You will see a history of correspondence between one of the Intake Specialists and the client. If you are unsure as to who to book the follow-ups for, please speak with the Practice Manager.

To show you how to properly enter clients on the Intake Specialist’s calendar, we will use Jeremy’s calendar as an example.

Please start by accessing Jeremy’s Approved Client calendar labeled ‘Jeremy-Clients’.


Tab J


According to our key dates, Alfred Bodden needs to be scheduled for follow-ups starting on February 10, 2016. You will need to navigate to that date on the calendar. Then, you will need to open a new calendar box. In this box, you would write ‘Approved Client – Bodden, Alfred – Check In.’


Tab K


Please save the approved client check-ins in the turquoise blue color so the Specialist can differentiate it from the other follow-ups.


Tab L


The final product should look like this:


Tab M


Each client will need a check-in every six months for five years, and the follow -up calendar should correspond with the follow-ups set in the Key Dates of the Client case file.

Let’s return to Alfred Bodden’s Key Dates for now, so we can enter in the other appropriate dates.

Ok let’s now go on to – 5. Update Key Dates