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Proper Management of Approved Clients

1. Maintain a Spreadsheet
2. Update Client Records
3. Update IPC
4. Schedule Routine Follow Ups
5. Update Key Dates
6. Schedule Greeting Cards

Enter all of the appropriate anniversaries into the IPC key dates


In addition to entering the standard follow-ups, we want to make an effort to acknowledge our clients at important moments of their lives, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Not only is this a generally good practice that keeps us in contact with the clients, but it also ensure we are aware of any important birthdays – such as a child’s 21st birthday (when they are no longer eligible to be a dependent on their parents’ visas).

The first step is to gather up the following information about each client: –

 – Birthday for each family member

 – Wedding Anniversary (if applicable)

 – Visa Expiry

 – I-94 Expiry

In this case, each key date will have a different notification period as we need to be aware of a visa or I-94 expiry much sooner than we do a birthday or anniversary.

Let’s start with Alfred Bodden. For this example, we will complete the above information for Alfred, only, but remember that we will need to complete the key dates for each family member.

When entering the Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries the reminder should be 14 days.


Tab N


When entering the visa expiry and the I-94 expiry the reminder should be set for 180 days. For these, we need significant advance notice because we will need to prepare paperwork to be submitted to US Immigration to extend the status.


Tab O


Again, the complete this case file, you will need to enter the birthdays, visa expiries and I-94 expiries for Alfred’s spouse and children (if applicable). It is important that each person included on the E2 visa is checked separately.

Please Note: – You cannot assume that all family members will have the same visa or I-94 expiry dates.

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