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EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa – Aliens of Extraordinary Ability Success Stories

EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa Success Stories: – 

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App Developer Rewarded with EB1 Green Card
Musican Plays His Way Into an O1 Visa 
– Chemical Engineer Invents Cleaner Products
– Tribute Artist wows US Immigration
– Tatoo Artists Achieves Crtical Acclaim
– Outsourcing Specialist Secures EB1 Green Card
– Miss N. Ireland takes O1 Visa and then EB1 Crown
– Furious Five Stunt Man Lands EB1 Green Card


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EB1A Success Stories and O1 Visa Success Cases

EB1 Green Card and O1 Visa  – Aliens of Extraordinary Ability Success Stories: We’re very excited to open up this new section to our website. Basically, we work with many EB1 Green card and O1 visa clients and as we do we routinely get their cases approved. So what we’d like to share these stories so that our visitors can learn more about us and at the same time learn more about the various types of cases we’re able to handle successfully. Our hope is that these articles will inspire you to consider taking the plunge and finally realize your American Dream. Unless the client is already featured on our website by way of a video or written testimonial the articles in this section be made anonymous to protects our client’s confidentiality – our goal is to share their career profile so that you can see what is possible in qualifying for an EB1 Green Visa or O1 Visa as an alien of Extraordinary Ability. If you’d like a personal free consultation call 310 496 4292.  We’d love to talk to you.

EB1 Green Card Home Page
EB1 Green Card Checklist – 
One Time International Award – 
(i) National Award –
(ii) Invited Membership – 
(iii) Published Material About You –  
(iv) Judging – 
(v) Innovation – 
(vi) Scholarly Articles – 
(vii) Exhibition or Showcases – 
(viii) Leading / Critical Role – 
(ix) High Salary – 
(x) Commercial Success –
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O-1B Checklis- Film and TV Industry 
Award Nomination or Win –
Starring Role –
Recognition for Achievements –
Organizational Critical Role –
Critical Acclaim –
Recognition from Critics –
High Salary –
Other Evidence

O-1A Checklist – Business, Science and Athletics
Major Award Win –
Invited Membership
Published Material –
Participation as Judge –
Published Articles –
Essential Capacity –
High Salary


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